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the Netherlands: GMVV (Dutch)
Germany: Mass und Gewicht (German)
USA: ISASC (English)
Europe: ISASC (Europe) (English)

Photo of weights Tjark DolfingA informative site in Dutch -made by Tjark Dolfing- presenting old Dutch lead block weights can be found at www.lodenblokgewichten.nl. With information on lead block weights. With determination, literature and links.
  Photo of weights Gerard WarburgAn informative site in Dutch -made by Gerard Warburg- presenting old Dutch weights can be found at www.oudegewichtjes.nl. With information on knob weights and the more rounded drop-shaped knob weights. With determination, literature and links.
  Photo of opium weights Mark van HierdenA new informative site in Dutch -made by Mark van Hierden- presenting opium weights mainly from Thailand, Laos en Cambodia can be found at www.opiumgewichten.nl. With information about opium weights -also named animal weights-, determination, examples and links.

Logo of Scales & Weights.comThe most comprehensive and informative address on the web in the field of scales and weights is SCALES-AND-WEIGHTS.COM. The site was set up by Matthias Hass in Germany. This website in English!, with hundreds of photos, shows a wide range of letter scales. Beside, there are many photos of other types of scales, like commercial scales, counter scales, analytical scales, apothecary scales, pharmacy scales, coin scales and opium scales. Also, all sorts of weights are given attention on a large scale.

At flea-markets and lumber sales a starting collector still is able to find letter scales priced in reason.

The larger auction sites are offering letter scales as well. Sellers give a short description and usually one or more photos. Just for those photos, the auctions are worth a visit. Sometimes one presents beautiful and special specimen. On top of the bidding prices, one must add shipping costs and sometimes service charges of the intermediation banker. At foreign auctions shipping to the Netherlands is not specified in advance. Moreover the Customs could come to it. Better make inquiries first, to prevent unwanted surprises.

A hugh supply gives you the German and especially the American eBay:

PATENT SEARCHING also about (letter) scales
At the United States Patent and Trademark Office all American patents since 1790 are available. It requires some time to find the right way at USPTO, but ultimately every patent enters your screen. These patent pages are TIFF(G4) files, they don't load with the standard Microsoft Internet Explorer. You will first have to install a plug-in. AlternaTIFF offers the correct plug-in for free, but still a registration is necessary.
US PATENT OFFICE full text and image Database
If the number of the patent is known, it is sufficient to fill in this number once-only and the next enter is sufficient to get the patent number as a clickable link on the next screen. Now, hold down the Shift-key and click the patent-number link, this will open a new separate screen.
When the patent-number is not known, one can generate lists of patent numbers by selecting the proper patent classes and patent sub-classes. These lists can be copied into Excel database files. True, this is a cumbrous activity, but it is a certain way to generate the ultimate result: a complete survey of American weiging scales patents.
Europe, clearly is behind times, accessibility-wise. The European Patent Office is the umbrella organization for a series of European countries, each with it's own Esp@cenet patent search-engine. It is possible to get the very first patent of a very limited number of countries only, visible on your screen with their search-engines.Esp@cenet NL
A lot better way to find patents is searching at the German DEPATISNET. In the "Beginner" mode even the US patents are available for download as Pdf files. The site is also available in English. [switch at top right of your screen]

METROLOGY also about (letter) scales
Scientific Instrument Society   scientific metrology
OIML International Organization of Legal Metrology - scientific metrology
WELMEC European co-operation institute for Metrology
BIPM Bureau International des Poids et Mesures / International Bureau of Weights and Measures
British weights, names of makers etc. a lot of weighty British information
Scientific Instrument Museum by Robert A. Paselk
Bath postmuseum UK
Sammler.com German collectors site (German and English)
SammlerNet a comprehensive collectors site (German)

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