The best-known logo of Philipp Jakob Maul. The firm was established in 1874. The mark was registered in 1909 and renewed till 1950
page title: MARKS
First logo of Jakob Maul, used from September 1912 till January 1983

Marks, logos and or names on letter scales are good starting points to search for more information about these scales. For instance, to recover who produced the scale, when, and in what period. Thus you are able to determine the minimal age of the scale. Most types of letter scales were produced during a period of several years. Also an article in one of the quarterly magazines - see underneath literature - could be of great use. Sometimes another already has researched the matter for you. In this way a lot of supplementary information can be found about a newly acquired letter scale.

Marks of Philipp Jakob Maul
first mark Philipp Jakob Maul, used from June 1888 till June 1898
the first mark of
Philipp Jakob Maul.
The firma is established in 1874
Mark used from June 1888
till June 1898
first mark of Philipp Jakob Maul in head of leveling screw
first mark of
Philipp Jakob Maul
pressed into
the head of a
leveling screw
The best-known logo of Philipp Jakob Maul. The mark was registered in 1909 and renewed till 1950
best-known and most used
mark of Philipp Jakob Maul
It was registered in 1909
and renewed till 1950
Ph. J. Maul logo
the mark of
Philipp Jakob Maul,
as stamped into
many letter scales
logo Ph.J. Maul + indication D.R.P.
logo Ph.J. Maul
+ abbreviation D.R.P.
= Deutsches Reich Patent
Ph. J. Maul logo with addition D.R.G.M.
logo Ph. J. Maul
with D. R. G. M. =
Deutsches Reich
Gebrauchs Muster,
a model registration,
quicker and cheaper
than a patent registration
Ph.J. Maul logo Fertig
logo model Fertig
(Ph. J. Maul)
registered in 1912
renewed till 1932
Ph.J. Maul logo Rictus
logo model Rictus (Ph. J. Maul)
D. R. P. = Deutsches Reich Patent
Nr. 384478 (August 17, 1921)
more information at Rictus
Ph.J. Maul model name Reflex
mark of model Reflex
D. R. G. M. (Ph. J. Maul)
the indication concav,
with or without extra logo,
marks more models.
Ph.J. Maul logo concav
Ph. J. Maul chart
with the name concav.
Better readable thanks to
a form slightly bent out of
the plane of movement of the scale.
Applied on more models

 Maul Columbus bilateral

mark Columbus
(Ph. J. Maul)

 Maul Columbus

 Columbus in the base
of letter scale
(Ph. J. Maul)
Ph.J. Maul double-lined mark
double-lined mark
(Ph. J. Maul)
large Ph.J. Maul mark
large Ph.J. Maul mark
at counterweight
Ph. J. Maul mark on enamel concav chart
indication concav
beneath the mark
Maul Novitus
mark Novitus
of Ph. J. Maul
Ph.J. Maul ornamental plate
ornamental plate with
since 1874
Ph. J. Maul
Hamburg 1
Ph.J. Maul rectangled name plate
more simple name plate
of Ph. J. Maul
2 Hamburg 70
Ph.J. Maul Exaktus
sticker model Exaktus
of Ph. J. Maul
Ph.J. Maul sticker
logo sticker
of Ph. J. Maul
Maul Excelsior
mark model Excelsior
(Ph. J. Maul)
Maul Maximus
logo model Maximus
of Ph. J. Maul
Maul Columbus
casted into
base of letter scale
Maul Fertig
casted into
base of letter scale
name of model USUS
(Ph. J. Maul)
name of model INTUS
(Ph. J. Maul)



Beside the names of models shown here - FERTIG, RICTUS, COLUMBUS, EXCELSIOR and REFLEX - more names of models of scales made by Ph.J. Maul do exist. Namely: PORTAX, URMAUL and UR MAUL (two designs and periods). Ph.J. Maul also registered the marks AUS GROSSEM JAHRHUNDERT and PRO NOTA. The last two named trade-marks were not registered specifically for letter scales. (source: M&G nr.9, mrt.'89, pp. 178-183)

Marks of Jakob Maul
first mark of Jakob Maul, used from September 1912 till January 1983
first mark of Jakob Maul,
Bad König-Zell,
firm established in 1912,
mark registered in 1912
and renewed till 1983
Jakob Maul logo
mark of Jakob Maul,
as seen on many
letter scales
mark J. Maul
Jakob Maul mark
pressed into
vertical frame part
of letter scale
present mark of J. Maul
present mark
of Jakob Maul
in use since 1985
J. Maul bilateral
logo J. Maul +
J. Maul JMAZ
JMAZ is short for:
Jakob Maul Aus Zell
J. Maul Macito
model name MACITO
J. Maul
J. Maul present logo
present logo J. Maul
J. Maul Puck
jagged logo and
model name PUCK
of J. Maul
J. Maul Arca 1000
model name ARCA
range 1000 grams
J. Maul
J. Maul Arca
model name ARCA
J. Maul
J. Maul logo
present mark
in plastic
J. Maul Regent
model name Regent
J. Maul
J. Maul Triatax
model name Triatax
J. Maul
J. Maul Delta
model name Delta
J. Maul
J. Maul Scala
model name Scala
J. Maul

Besides the name of the model BILATERAL, shown here, manufacturer Jakob Maul has registered several other marks. Namely: JMAZ (the abbreviation of: Jakob Maul Aus Zell), MACITO, MAULIT, and PUCK. I (yet) don't know if all these names can be found on letter scales. Ever since 1985 Jakob Maul GmbH bears the name MAUL as trade-mark (internationally registered in 1986). (source: M&G nr.9, mrt.'89, pp. 178-183)


Letter scales, stamped with the letters DRP, at one time were granted a German patent. DRP is the abbreviation of Deutsches Reich Patent. The notation DRP ANG. is also known. ANG. is short for Angemeldet. A patent is applied for, is pending, but not yet granted. Meanwhile the production and sale were started. When a letter scale carries the notation DRP ANG. and a similar model carries the notation DRP, it's clear that the model with DRP ANG. is the oldest.

niet voor handelsdoeleinden
not for commercial purposes
indication D.R.P.
German patent granted

Many pendulum letter scales made by Maul for the Dutch market have the stamped text: NIET VOOR HANDELSDOELEINDEN (Not for commercial purposes). Or the text: VOOR HUISHOUDELIJK GEBRUIK (For household use). Probably the requirements of accuracy of weighing were less severe when these texts were stamped in. (Or were lapsed totally?). I don't know (yet) if Maul stamped similar texts for other countries also. On letter scales produced in the United States of America one can find the text: NOT TO BE USED FOR TRADE or: NOT LEGAL FOR TRADE.

Will be continued with more marks in due time.

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